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Counselling and recruitment services include providing end-to-end examination and verification of the provided information to uncover all the details provided by the candidates to confirm its legitimacy and help companies make correct hiring decisions.

You must look for service providers with expertise in forensic psychology and a track record of successful placements in similar environments using forensic investigative skills.

SIFS India offers a holistic investigative approach and places emphasis on identifying the credentials and various other factors related to candidates that might affect employers and organizations if overlooked during the hiring process.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Academic Document Authenticity: We carry out in-depth validation of academic documents to ensure their legitimacy, helping educational institutions, employers, and organizations verify the educational background of individuals.

Academic Records Verification: A thorough examination is conducted to confirm the accuracy of educational details essential for background screening processes.

Address Proof Verification: The verification of address proof documents is done to confirm the legitimacy of an individual's residential information.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Check: A detailed screening to detect alcohol and drug abuse is conducted to help employers and organizations maintain a safe work environment.

Certificate and Mark Sheet Verification: An in-depth examination of certificates and mark sheets is done to confirm the academic qualifications of individuals.

Criminal Record Check: A thorough investigation to investigate an individual’s criminal history is done to provide essential information to employers, law enforcement, and organizations to make informed decisions before hiring.

Employee’s Identity Verification: It is done to verify an employee's identity to ensure that the person presenting themselves matches the information provided for workplace security.

Employment and Pre-Employment Verification: A detailed verification of candidates’ employment history is done to help employers make informed hiring decisions.

Experience Verification: An in-depth verification of an individual's work experience to confirm its authenticity is done to assist employers in hiring the right candidate.

Financial Background Check: An individual's financial historical background check is done to offer valuable insights for employers, financial institutions, and organizations while evaluating an individual's financial responsibility.

Fingerprint Verification: We do fingerprint analysis to confirm the identity of an individual, which is essential during employment and criminal investigations.

Handwriting and Signature Verification: An in-depth examination of handwriting and signatures is done to verify the legitimacy of signed documents and prevent forgery.

Police Record Check: A thorough check of an individual's police records is done to gain insights into his criminal activity history, which helps employers and law enforcement agencies during the decision-making process.

Reference Verification: It involves verifying the references provided by individuals about their professional capabilities and character from the perspective of previous employers or associations.

Social and Family Record Check: It involves examining the social and family background of an individual to get hints about his personal and professional life history.

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