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Blood Group Examination

Blood group examination services involve identifying, collecting, packaging, and examining traces of blood found at the crime scene to determine an individual's blood type, focusing on the ABO system and the Rh factor, and categorizing blood into distinct types—A, B, AB, O, and positive or negative Rh.

Professionals with expertise in medical procedures and lab activities, along with a commitment to maintaining the highest standard of accuracy, should be your first choice.

SIFS India offers an in-depth analysis of the presence or absence of A and B antigens on red blood cells, categorizing blood into A, B, AB, or O types, determining whether the blood is Rh-positive or Rh-negative, and providing insights about familial relationships and hereditary traits using DNA profiling.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Development of Invisible Blood Traces: We specialize in developing unnoticeable blood traces at crime scenes using advanced forensic techniques to assist in crime scene reconstruction.

Determining the Presence of Blood in Exhibits: We do a meticulous examination to determine the presence of blood in exhibits for identifying and documenting blood evidence and for the analysis of crime scene materials.

Blood Group Typing from Dried Samples: Blood group type from dried samples is determined to provide insights about the identity of individuals involved in the crime.

Blood Group Typing from Liquid Samples: Our experts can accurately determine blood group type from liquid samples for suspect identification.

Comparison of Known and Unknown Blood Groups: A thorough comparison of known and unknown blood group samples is done for accurate profiling and identification of individuals, supporting investigations, and legal proceedings.

Extraction of DNA: Specialized DNA extraction techniques are used to obtain genetic material from blood samples for accurate DNA profiling and to identify and verify individuals involved in criminal cases.

DNA Profiling: Forensic techniques are used to analyze genetic markers, giving insights about an individual's genetic structure and contributing crucial evidence for legal investigations for accurate identification.

Legal Report & Expert Opinion: We prepare a detailed analysis and interpretation of forensic findings with expert opinions on blood group examinations and DNA profiling for legal investigations and court proceedings.

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