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Fingerprint in DVI

Fingerprint in DVI services is a specialized branch of forensic science dedicated to the identification of individuals by examining their fingerprints in cases of mass disasters like airplane crashes, tsunamis, hurricanes, bombings, etc.

Leveraging the uniqueness of fingerprints, these services play a crucial role in restoring identities and facilitating the process of notifying families and loved ones.

Selecting a reputable fingerprint in DVI service provider is essential for ensuring accurate and compassionate identification processes. Professionals with expertise in forensic fingerprint analysis, disaster response, and awareness about ethical conduct, along with the attitude to handle such sensitive situations.

SIFS India should be your go-to service provider to investigate and resolve disasters and mass casualty incidents by using the unique and unalterable nature of fingerprints to identify individuals with precision.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Collection of Fingerprints: We follow a systematic approach to collect and preserve fingerprints from crime scenes, individuals,and mass disaster sites using forensic techniques for identification and investigative purposes.

Identification of Fingerprint Patterns: We conduct in-depth analysis of fingerprint patterns like loops, arches, and whorls along with unique ridge formations for individual identification for legal and investigative purposes.

Marking of Fingerprints with Body Reference Numbers: Organized marking of fingerprint sets with body reference numbers is done for documentation and forensic analysis purposes, contributing to efficient identification in criminal investigations.

Comparison of Collected Fingerprints with Records: We carry out a thorough comparison of collected fingerprints with existing records to identify individuals and provide crucial evidence for legal proceedings.

Identification of Victims and Corpses: In-depth fingerprint analysis is done to identify victims and corpses to help in resolving cases and provide valuable information for victim identification, investigative, and legal purposes.

Exclusion of Individuals: The fingerprint analysis technique can help in refining investigations and reducing investigative efforts by narrowing down the possibilities of potential suspects and eliminating prints that hold no match to the suspected print.

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