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Digital Facial Composites

Facial composites are the most frequently used and widely recognized facial identification tool by law enforcement agencies.

Our forensic artists use digital tools and specialized software to create traditional freehand facial composite sketches using information provided by the eyewitness that can be used during an investigation.

Investigators are provided with a self-guided eyewitness composite sketch interview worksheet that covers all the details needed to create digital facial imagery and helps maximize eyewitness memory.

This information collected by the investigators is used by our experts to create a digital facial composite.

Forensic artists also refer to CCTV images in some cases as a supplemental resource. The use of software for facial imaging reduces the turnaround time to a great extent, and sketches can be produced within the mentioned time when needed urgently.

SIFS India is an authorized reseller and training partner for SketchCop® Solutions’ SketchCop®Facial Composite System Software.

We have been successfully providing these services during criminal investigations to help increase the possibility for a criminal to be identified and significantly reduce law enforcement's investigative cycle time.

If you want us to create a digital facial composite for you, contact our forensic experts to guide you through the entire process.

Or if you prefer to create your own facial composites using software, you can approach us to receive a demonstration or click the link below for more details about the software.

SketchCop®Facial Composite System Software

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