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Established in 2006, SIFS India emerged as a pioneer in the field of forensics. It is a leading forensic science laboratory in India that is registered with the Government of India and certified with ISO 9001:2015 and 10002:2014.
Despite the initial hurdles, SIFS India, guided by a positive and dedicated approach to clients and adherence to Indian law and order, successfully carved a niche in the field of forensics. The company achieved acknowledgement not only from onshore but also from offshore clients. 
The journey reflects the continuous efforts of Dr. Ranjeet Singh (CEO and founder), showcasing the company's commitment to delivering qualitative forensic expert services across several domains.

At SIFS India, we ensure to uncover truth, build trust, and provide justice through a scientifically precise process. Our expert team is fully dedicated and committed to discovering facts, irrespective of the complexity of the case. We assist the legal system by providing precise and evidence-based findings to make informed decisions, thereby ensuring that the truth prevails.

SIFS India’s aim is to be the chief forensic service provider in India and set the gold standard for forensic investigations beyond the boundaries of scientific excellence. We aspire to create an unconquerable reputation of accuracy and be the go-to partner for institutions and individuals alike, while at the same time ensuring that our services are in sync with truth and trust.

Our purpose is to serve law enforcement and society by unveiling truth through strong, scientifically precise forensic solutions. We are committed to delivering services that leave an impact during legal proceedings. Every case we handle is a proof of our promise to work for society's welfare, ensuring justice is served and trust is strengthened. We work to make the world a more reliable and unbiased place.

To date, the company has provided expert opinion under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act in more than 12,000 legal and private cases. A few of the domains include:
  • Forged Document Examination
  • Handwriting Examination
  • Signature Verification
  • Fingerprint Comparison
  • Fingerprint Development
  • Fingerprint Matching
  • Forgery Detection
  • Photograph Identity Verification
  • Audio-Video Analysis
  • Cyber Crimes
  • CCTV Video Analysis
  • Insurance Frauds
  • Blood Examination
  • Deleted Data Recovery
  • Tool Mark Analysis
  • Fire Investigation
  • Vehicle Fire Examination
  • VIN Forgery Detection
  • Employee Verification
  • E-mail Tracing
  • E-mail Tracking
  • Accidental Re-construction
  • Medico-Legal Consultation
  • Expert Testimony
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Cross-Examination

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