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Sifs India

SIFS India came into existence in 2006. It is registered with Govt. of India and ISO 9001:2015 & 10002:2014 certified Forensic Science Laboratory that has stood like a pioneer in the world of forensics with its qualitative services. In the initial tenure of its setup, the company struggled hard to adhere to the competition, to attain its accomplishment.

Moving ahead with a positive and loyal approach towards its clients and the Indian law and order, SIFS India succeeded to make a mark in the field of forensics, not only nationally, but internationally as well.

 The company is known to show its effective and hard work in forensic investigation, forensic education, as well as in forensic research and development. Keeping in mind, the ethics to be followed during an investigation, the company has provided more than 10000 reports for various legal and private cases, related to signature verification, handwriting examination, fingerprint examination, forgery detection, audio-video analysis, photograph verification, fire forensics, blood examination, key forensics, cyber forensics investigation, and certain other forensic related issues.

To date, it’s a passionate and determined expert team with the Director, Dr. Ranjeet Kr. Singh, who has guided his team to numerous vows, has provided error-free services, with the determination to excel on the grounds of forensics.

The rapport of the company with its clients has earned the trust and bond, which would create a rational revolutionary podium in the upcoming years. SIFS India believes in sharing and working on national and international trends in the field of forensics, henceforth, after registering our presence nationally, we have now remarkably manifested our international presence as well. SIFS India has collaborated with various international based companies and has its associates in England, Ireland, United States, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Thailand, Poland, Romania, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Mexico, etc.

With a promise to continue the legacy of hard work and honesty, SIFS India is looking forward to many more laurels to take into its court in the field of forensics, worldwide.


We focus on the upliftment of Forensic Science as a subject. The vision of the organization is to make the masses aware of the implication and the utility of the subject into an organized practical lifestyle. The organization also emphasizes an eminent impartment of education to the interested young enthusiasts, who look upon to pursue their career prospects into the vast and unexplored premises of forensics.


We urge to be an internationally discernible body sustaining its exclusive and superior services with an objective of:

  • Committing towards the fact of being a lead-follower of technology, with a bold spirit of risk-taking that would help us mark our presence noticeable world-wide
  • Operating and executing projects with an efficient investment of quality, cost and time, in order to ensure our existence in the observances of the clients endlessly
  • Nurturing the business, effectively and strategically, be it nationally or globally performing with a motive of “Leading with Care”, thereby having a sense of concern towards the society.

SIFS India, Department of Forensic Investigation provides expert opinion under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act on Questioned Document, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds, Forgery Detection, Fingerprints Verification, Forged Documents, Burnt Document Analysis, Charred Documents Analysis, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Data Recovery, E-mail Tracing, E-mail Tracking, IP Details Tracing, Fire, Key, Blood, Accidental Re-construction Expert Testimony, Expert Consultation, Medico-Legal Consultation, Legal Consultancy, Cross-Examination of experts on various topics of Forensic and many more.