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Welcome to SIFS India’s Forensic Fingerprint Examination Laboratory, India, where precision and expertise unite to solve the mysteries that fingerprints hold.

Fingerprints are often considered silent witnesses, and fingerprint analysis has been a part of criminal investigations for ages, as each individual's fingerprints are unique and can serve as valuable evidence. Our team of skilled forensic experts uses a combination of traditional methodologies and the latest technological advancements to extract crucial information, even from complex patterns.

Key Services Offered:

Fingerprint Identification and Matching: Our experts compare fingerprints manually and use advanced software to help identify whether individuals are linked to criminal activities or not.

Fingerprint Development: We specialize in developing all types of fingerprints (latent, patent, and plastic) left behind, intentionally or unintentionally, at the crime scene using the latest techniques.

Fingerprint Imaging and Documentation: We use high-resolution imaging systems to capture detailed fingerprint images for future reference and analysis.

Expert Witness Testimony: Our forensic specialists are always available to serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings to discuss the fingerprint examination process and the authenticity of the evidence presented.

Advanced Technology Integration: Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art fingerprint technology to analyze fingerprints, thereby enhancing the quality and reliability of our findings, and also during the fingerprint collection process, even at the most challenging crime scenes.

We also specialize in providing fingerprinting recording services for police clearance certificates and for study abroad, visa, job, and immigration purposes for over a decade. You can visit RealScan Biometricsfor complete information.

Our Fingerprint Examination Laboratory is committed to providing expert fingerprint identification services and use advanced forensic techniques to solve crimes and bring perpetrators to justice. 

Contact us to learn more about this service, where every fingerprint tells a story waiting to be deciphered.

In our Fingerprint Examination Laboratory, we follow a systematic approach to decipher the minute details hidden within fingerprint patterns. The process involves developing, collecting, preserving, and analyzing all types of fingerprints found at crime scenes, using powder and chemical techniques to enhance visibility.

We also capture high-resolution images of fingerprints using the latest forensic photography techniques that help in future reference and during analysis.

Our experts use these images to examine ridge patterns, minutiae points, and ridge flow manually and by using specialized software that employs advanced algorithms to compare and match fingerprint patterns, ensuring unmatched accuracy in identification.

Our experts follow international standards for fingerprint examination, including ACE-V (Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation, and Verification), to ensure the reliability and validity of our findings.

The systematic approach (including manual expertise and automated technologies) to uncovering the truth hidden within the fingerprint patterns used at our laboratory using strict quality control measures ensures the reliability of our findings, making them admissible during legal proceedings.

Fingerprint Lifting & Development from the Crime Scene: It involves visiting the crime scene and looking for potential fingerprints (both visible and non-visible), identifying them, developing them using specialized techniques, and collecting and preserving them to be transported to the laboratory for examination.

Fingerprints Comparison & Matching: It involves comparing questioned fingerprints collected from the crime scene with a known set of fingerprints of the suspect to verify if both sets of fingerprints belong to the same person.

Fingerprinting for PCC/Visa/Immigration/Study Abroad/Job: It includes taking high-quality fingerprints on a ten-digit fingerprint card using ink and electronic fingerprinting techniques. This is required when you plan to move to another country for work, study, or living purposes to verify whether you were involved in criminal activity or not.

Fingerprint Kit:This kit includes a variety of tools needed to collect fingerprints from a crime scene and individuals of interest. It consists of components like fingerprinting ink, rollers, fingerprint cards, tiles, fluorescent powders, camel hair brushes, lifting tape, superglue, a scale, a spray bottle, etc.

Live Scan and Fingerprint Enrollment System:This electronic device is designed for capturing digital fingerprints, which are highly accurate as compared to manual fingerprinting. It eliminates issues like smudging and partial prints that can occur with traditional methods.

Stereo-Microscope:It is used to magnify fingerprints and allows for a detailed examination of minutiae and ridge characteristics, assisting in the matching process.

DSLR Camera:This camera is used to capture high-resolution images of exhibits and results, specifically focusing on lifted fingerprints. These images are preserved in records for documentation purposes.

Scanner:The scanner is used to capture high-resolution images of fingerprint-containing documents, enabling the study of minute details at high magnification.

Grids & Rulers: These tools are used to mark documents and measure the size of fingerprints on any surface. Additionally, they play a crucial role in live-size photography.

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