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Species Origin Examination

Species origin examination services include meticulous analysis of biological samples to determine the species origin, extending beyond traditional forensic applications to provide support in cases involving wildlife trafficking, poaching, and the preservation of biodiversity.

You must look for professionals with expertise in molecular biology, forensic genetics, a vast experience in species identification, and a commitment to protect our planet's rich biodiversity.

SIFS India conducts a meticulous examination of biological samples such as tissues, bones, or feathers to identify the species origin, morphological features to identify plant and animal species, and items such as ivory, fur, or bones to provide insights about the illegal trade of wildlife products.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Identifying the Species: An in-depth analysis of the organism is done to determine its origin for forensic examinations.

Determining Human or Animal Origin: We differentiate between human and animal origin to provide clarity on the nature of the evidence in question.

Morphological Identification of Species: A meticulous examination of the species' morphology is done for accurate classification of distinctive physical characteristics for forensic assessments.

Lifecycle Determination of Species: An in-depth analysis to understand the lifecycle of the species is done to gain insights about the ecological conditions.

Habit and Habited Character Identification: A thorough analysis is done to gain insights into the organism's behavior, habitat, and interactions for accurate interpretation of the evidence for forensic investigations.

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