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Property Fire Examination

Property fire examination services include meticulous forensic analysis of the remains of structures affected by fires, including residential, commercial, and industrial, to determine the origin and cause of the fire for legal proceedings and insurance claims.

By using scientific methodologies and investigative techniques, experts analyze structural elements, like walls and beams, the impact of fire on different materials, electrical systems, appliances, and wiring, to identify potential sources of ignition.

While selecting a property fire examination service provider, you must look for professionals with expertise in fire investigation, structural engineering, and knowledge about industry standards and protocols.

SIFS India provides a thorough analysis of the fire incident, the extent of damage, and factors that contributed to the fire, along with essential information for processing insurance claims.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Detailed Inspection of the Entire Scene: We conduct an in-depth examination of the property fire scene to document and analyze all elements essential for legal and insurance assessments and aiding accurate incident reconstruction.

Establishment of Sequence of Events: A precise determination of the chronological order of events during the property fire is done to help forensic investigators and for insurance purposes.

Examination of Complex Products: We do a thorough analysis of complex products to evaluate their involvement in causing the fire.

Detection of Multiple Points of Origin: Forensic methods are used to identify whether a fire originated from single or multiple points to understand the fire's development and contributing factors, crucial for accurate incident reconstruction.

Analysis of Fire Pattern: We conduct an in-depth examination of the fire pattern to understand its characteristics, progression style, and legal and insurance assessments.

Detection of Abnormalities in Fire Pattern: We identify abnormalities in the fire pattern to determine factors responsible for potential irregularities in the incident for accurate reconstruction and documentation.

Identification of Faulty Appliances: Analysis is done to identify the role of faulty appliances in causing fire for accurate liability determination and insurance claim assessments.

Causation and Spread of Fire Determination: We specialize in determining the causation and spread of the fire to identify the sequence of events, which is crucial for legal and insurance assessments.

Examination of Burned and Charred Walls: A thorough examination of burned and charred walls or portions of the property is done to document and analyze fire-induced damages, essential for legal and insurance documentation.

Detection of Area of Heaviest Fire Damage: Forensic analysis is carried out to identify the area most affected by the fire and to understand the fire's intensity and contributing factors.

Analysis of Electrical Malfunction or Failure: Forensic analysis of electrical systems to identify malfunctions or failures contributing to the fire is done for legal investigations and insurance assessments.

Assessment of Potential Ignition Sources: We identify and assess the presence of potential ignition sources that might have led to the fire.

Determination of Degree of Human Intervention: A detailed analysis is conducted to determine the involvement and level of humans leading to the fire incident.

Analysis of Equipment, Chemicals, or Suspicious Items: Examination of equipment, chemicals, or other suspicious items at the incident site is done to identify potential causes of fire.

Detection of the Presence of Accelerants: The incident scene is thoroughly examined to identify the presence of accelerants and understand their nature and contribution to spreading fire.

Detailed Assessment of All Evidence: All the physical evidence collected from the incident scene is examined, including oral and written statements and photographic evidence, for comprehensive documentation and accurate incident reconstruction.

Collection of Fire Debris: A systematic approach is followed to collect and document fire debris that serves as crucial evidence for the cause of the fire needed for legal investigations and insurance assessments.

Chemical Examination of Volatile Evidence: Forensic examination of volatile evidence produced from fire debris using chemical analysis techniques is done to identify substances and contributing factors.

Analysis of Condition of Windows and Doors: A thorough analysis of the condition of windows and doors during the fire incident is done to determine their role and potential impact on the fire.

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