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CCTV Forensics

CCTV forensics is a specialized branch of digital forensics that involves the analysis and interpretation of surveillance footage. Whether in criminal investigations, legal proceedings, or incident reconstruction, these services use advanced techniques to extract, enhance, and examine video evidence captured by Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems.
Selecting a reputable CCTV forensics video analysis service provider is essential for accurate and reliable results. Cyber forensic professionals with expertise in digital forensics and video analysis who are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of CCTV forensics processes should be your go-to choice.
SIFS India is known to decode intricate details captured by surveillance cameras to assist in criminal investigations, reconstructing incidents, or enhancing security.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Vehicle Identification: We do forensic vehicle profiling using footage extracted from CCTV to find vehicle numbers for accurate identification and tracking of vehicles, thereby assisting in legal proceedings.
Timeline Determination: A comprehensive analysis to determine the timeline of a sequence of events is done, which is essential for legal and investigative purposes.
CCTV Footage Video Extraction: Our experts specialize in extracting video from CCTV footage for forensic analysis and evidentiary support for investigative and legal proceedings, along with the documentation of visual evidence.
CCTV Footage Authentication: An in-depth examination of CCTV footage is done to ensure its accuracy and reliability, enhancing its possibility of being used as visual evidence during legal proceedings.
CCTV Footage Photograph Extraction: We extract photographs from CCTV footage and provide detailed documentation, enhancing the evidentiary value of the photographs during legal investigations.

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