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Hair Examination

Hair examination services include analyzing hair samples found at crime scenes on victims or suspects to establish associations between them. Also, hair samples can provide valuable clues about the identity of individuals and assist in resolving missing persons and homicide cases.

While searching for a reputable forensic hair examiner, you must look for professionals with expertise in forensic biology, microscopic analysis, and DNA profiling and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy.

SIFS India offers an in-depth microscopic examination of hair samples to identify unique characteristics of individual strands, like color, diameter, and scale patterns, and sometimes the extraction and analysis of DNA, to establish connections between individuals and crime scenes.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Detection and Classification of Material as Hair: We conduct meticulous analysis to accurately identify material as hair and distinguish it from other substances, ensuring the proper recognition of potential evidence in investigations.

Human or Animal Hair Identification: A thorough examination to differentiate between human and animal hair is conducted to check if there was any human involvement in the crime or not.

Determination of Physical Properties of Hair: A detailed analysis of physical properties, such as texture and color, is done for accurate identification and interpretation of evidence.

Identification of a Specific Person from Hair: The characteristics of the questioned hair sample are compared to the known samples for individual identification, establishing connections essential for legal proceedings, and providing investigative clarity.

Origination Point on the Body: We use specialized techniques to identify from which body part the hair originated to examine hair features and gain a better understanding of the incident.

Separation Mechanism Examination: An investigation to understand how the hair got separated from the body is done for a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Hair Tip Examination: A meticulous examination of hair tips is carried out to understand the nature of interactions or activities involving the individual that help investigators build a detailed timeline of events.

Race Determination from Hair: A precise determination of the race of the individual to whom the hair belongs is done to narrow down suspects and establish links to specific populations.

Origin Determination of Hair: Forensic analysis to determine the origin of hair is done to examine environmental factors for accurate interpretation and to link the evidence to specific contexts.

DNA Extraction from Suspected and Known Hair Samples: We use specialized techniques to extract DNA from suspected and known hair samples to link genetic material to individuals.

Comparative Examination of Suspected and Known Hair Samples: An in-depth comparison of suspected and known hair samples through DNA profiling is done to establish links and reach investigative conclusions.

Examination of Hair Found in the Hand of the Deceased: Forensic examination of hair found in the hand of the deceased provides crucial insights into potential struggles between the victim and criminal, helping in reconstructing the event and understanding the reason behind the individual's demise.

Examination of Hair on Suspected Instruments: A detailed examination of hair sticking to suspected instruments is done to link tools to criminal activities and help investigators reconstruct criminal events.

Examination of Victim's Hair on Vehicle Involved in Accident: A thorough examination of the victim's hair on a vehicle involved in an accident helps in understanding the sequence of events and determining factors that led to the incident.

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