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Audio & Video Verification

Audio & video verification services represent a specialized cyber forensic field dedicated to the validation and authentication of audio and video recordings in mobile phones, sound recorders, microphones, spy cameras, CCTV cameras, etc.

In an era where misinformation poses significant challenges, these services use advanced technologies and forensic methodologies to examine evidence for civil or criminal cases and to ascertain its legitimacy.

Selecting a reputable audio & video verification service provider is essential for accurate and reliable results. Forensic experts with expertise in forensic analysis and multimedia technology and who are committed to maintaining verification process confidentiality should be your first choice.

SIFS India provides robust services to authenticate digital media, along with maintaining the reliability of audio and video content for legal proceedings.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Enhancement of Audio Recordings: We specialize in audio enhancement techniques to improve the clarity and quality of recordings for accurate auditory analysis and interpretation for forensic investigations.

Enhancement of Video Recordings: We offer detailed enhancement of video recordings to refine visual clarity and improve resolution for thorough forensic analysis in legal investigations.

Authentication of Call Recordings: We specialize in authenticating call recordings and audio files using forensic techniques for accurate representation for legal and investigative purposes.

Extraction of Video Evidence from CCTV Footage: We hold expertise in extracting visual information from CCTV footage for forensic analysis that might serve as crucial evidence during legal proceedings.

Authentication of CCTV Footage: We specialize in verifying CCTV footage for accuracy and reliability, ensuring the credibility of visual evidence for investigative and legal purposes.

Verification of the Sting Operation Video Recording: Forensic verification of video recordings from sting operations is done for authenticity that might prove to be visual evidence for investigative purposes.

Checking for Tampering in Audio/Video Recording: We conduct in-depth examinations to detect any tampering in audio or video recordings for accurate interpretation and legal validity.

Checking for Addition or Deletion from the Original File: We do forensic examinations to detect any additions or deletions in the original audio or video file, providing reliable evidence for legal investigations.

Checking for Manipulations in Audio/Video Recordings: A thorough examination is needed to detect manipulations in audio or video recordings to check for accuracy and originality.

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