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Toolmark Analysis

Toolmark analysis involves the meticulous examination of toolmarks left at crime scenes, accidents, or any scenario involving the use of tools, as every tool leaves a unique mark when it comes into contact with the surface with sufficient pressure.

It helps in linking tools to specific incidents, highlighting the nature of the tools used, and providing crucial insights for forensic investigators.

You must look for experts with knowledge of materials analysis and a proven track record in forensic toolmark investigations.

Experts at SIFS India use advanced techniques to identify, compare, and analyze tool marks found at the crime scene with tool marks created by known tools, along with the examination of the material on which the tool marks are found.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Reconstruction of the Crime Scene in Vehicle Accidents: We conduct toolmark analysis to help legal bodies and forensic investigators with accurate accident investigations and scene reconstruction.

Distinguishing Between Intentional and Genuine Striation Marks: We specialize in identifying real and fake striation marks to ensure accurate forensic assessments in cases involving tampering or criminal intent.

Counting the Number of Land and Groove Marks of Bullets: We do precise counting of land and groove marks on bullets crucial for ballistic examinations in forensic investigations.

Evaluation of Direction and Impact of Pressure in Accidental Cases: We evaluate the direction and impact of pressure to understand the types and extent of injuries that might have occurred.

Comparison Between Suspected and Questioned Bullets: An in-depth comparison of suspected and questioned bullets is done to ensure accurate identification and linking of ballistic evidence to potential suspects.

Breech Face Mark Analysis: Our experts conduct meticulous analysis of breech face marks to study firearm characteristics crucial for ballistic investigations and accurate forensic assessments.

Examination of Firing Pin Impression: We do a detailed microscopic examination of the details in firing pin impressions, providing valuable forensic evidence for firearm identification.

Forensic Photography: This is used to capture detailed images essential for preserving and documenting toolmarks that act as a record for forensic investigations and help during legal proceedings.

Analysis of Extractor Marks and Ejector Marks: We conduct a thorough analysis of the indentations at the cartridge base when the bullet is fired from the firearm for firearm identification and to support ballistic investigations.

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