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SketchCop Facial Composite System

SketchCop Facial Composite System, by SketchCop® Solutions, is a revolutionary facial imaging software tool. It is designed by IAI-certified forensic artist Michael W. Streed to bridge the gap between eyewitness memory and forensic imaging. This tool produces sketches similar to and with a much shorter duration than those by forensic sketch artists, thereby reducing investigative cycle times.

Facial Composite Software SketchCop Highlights

Cost-Effective Technology: The tool helps in providing a sophisticated and cost-effective solution, combining technology with the expertise of seasoned forensic facial imaging experts to create detailed and accurate facial composites, helping law enforcement agencies and private forensic experts globally solve complex cases with ease.

No Art Skills Required: You need not possess any sort of art skill. Even a first-timer can get trained by us on using this software. It is designed with a simple-to-use interface so that more and more users can easily use it without the need to possess artistic skills.

Unmatched Precision: The images created with the tools included in this software are no less than those created by manual forensic artists and closely match eyewitness descriptions, thereby meeting the diverse needs of modern investigations.

Combating Eyewitness Challenges: Several challenges are associated with eyewitness memory impacting post-event information transfer. This system understands these challenges and creates facial composites that align with the complexities of human memory.

Subscription-Free Software: This software comes with a one-time payment model and hence is best for agencies looking for software-driven solutions for creating facial composites. There is no recurring subscription fee, and you can get access to the license to use it by paying only once.

Reduced Investigative Cycle Times: Manual sketching is time consuming as every time you make a mistake or want to add a new feature, you need to start afresh. However, with this software, you can easily make changes or undo your previous actions, thereby saving you time and money.

Anytime Access: This software is available round-the-clock, giving you the flexibility to edit your images using modification tools at any time, ensuring convenience and enhanced efficiency in the investigative process.

SketchCop Facial Composite System Demo

SIFS India, in agreement with Michael W. Streed, has opened the country’s first forensic facial imaging laboratory to assist law enforcement bodies.

If you are interested in getting a detailed working demo of this system before purchase, contact our executive.

Operating System: Windows, Mac or Linux.

Creates: Color or gray-scale 750 x 1000 images.

Database: Approximately 2,000+ Facial Components allow users to create countless facial images.

SketchCop® Modification Tools: Move, Scale, Paired Margin, Rotate, Trapezoid Distort, Eraser, Create New Layer, Horizontal Flip, Change Layer Opacity, Control Brightness, Contrast, Hue & Saturation and Skin Tone Shader. Drag and Drop Facial Components, Split Paired Parts, Hide and Reorder Layers are also available.

Refinement Tools: We recommend users download a FREE copy of GIMP GNU Image Manipulation software to make further image refinements.

Exportable: Facial composites may be saved as a PNG or multi-layer TIFF file.

Database: Available facial components will allow users to create a wide range of ethnic faces. (Female database is currently in development.)

Facial Component Database Includes: Heads, Chins, Ears, Foreheads, Cheeks, Hairstyles, Eyebrows, Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Head-wear and Eye/Sunglasses. Age your suspect using Forehead Lines, Eye Lines, Mid-facial Lines and Neck Lines. Alternative looks can be created using Beards, Stubble, Mustaches and Goatees, Masks, Earrings, Tattoos, Blemishes and Scars.

Discounts: Software licenses are available at competitive prices. Please contact us to know if the number of licenses you order qualify for a multi-license discount.

Training: Please contact us to learn about training options.

Product Upgrades and Updates: Sold separately, or as part of a 3-year maintenance program.

Technical Support: via E-mail.

SketchCop® Facial Composite System is powerful software, and with it, you too, like a professional police sketch artist, can create facial composites.

You will get access to a variety of features in the inbuilt facial component libraries, allowing you to easily create facial images of people from different ethnicities. Also, the facial component libraries are updated regularly to include elements users recommend as per their needs. Soon, a female facial component library will be added to supplement the existing male database.

There is no limit to what you can do with this software. The only requirement is an eyewitness and basic computer skills.


Before purchasing or opting for our services, we recommend you review the facial composite samples created with the SketchCop® Facial Composite System!

Minimum System Requirements:

Processor: Intel® or AMD processor with 64-bit support

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Mac, and Linux. Java required.


Graphics Card: A dedicated graphics card is "nice to have” but not necessary.

Monitor Resolution: 1280 x 800 display

Hard Disk Space: Less than 1GB (including Java size)

Internet: Required for software activation

We recommend using GIMP photo editing software to enhance the final outcome. However, it is completely optional.

Contact us for more information about the SketchCop® Facial Composite System.

Q. What is SketchCop, and how does it differ from other forensic facial imaging software?

SketchCop is a specialized facial imaging software specifically developed for forensic facial imaging and composite sketch creation. It comes with advanced facial reconstruction features, and its user-friendly interface makes it easier for even a novice to use it. You do not need any artistic skills to use it. The in-built editing tools help you create sketches similar to those created manually but in much less time.

Q. Can SketchCop generate age-progressed and regressed images for missing persons cases?

Yes, the software includes features for both age progression and regression, allowing investigators to create updated facial images based on the individual's original sketch or photograph.

Q. Does SketchCop support 3D modeling for facial reconstructions?

Yes, SketchCop supports 3D modeling, enabling forensic artists to create more accurate and detailed facial reconstructions.

Q. Can SketchCop be used for on-site facial imaging at crime scenes or mass disaster sites?

This is lab-based software. You can import facial imaging data from on-site sketches for further analysis and enhancement.

Q. What training and support options are available for users of SketchCop?

SketchCop provides comprehensive training resources. As an authorized partner, SIFS India provides complete training to interested users to help them utilize the software capabilities to the maximum.

Q. Is SketchCop suitable for small law enforcement agencies or individual forensic artists?

SketchCop is suitable for use by all-size law enforcement agencies and individual forensic artists. It comes with a flexible licensing model to cater to the needs of various users and organizations.

Q. Can SketchCop-generated images be used for courtroom presentations and legal proceedings?

Yes. The images generated by it are of high quality and suitable for courtroom presentations. You can use it to present visual evidence effectively during legal proceedings.

Q. Is SketchCop regularly updated to incorporate advancements in forensic technology?

Yes. The software’s features are updated regularly in accordance with the latest advancements in forensic facial imaging and technology, at no extra cost.

Q. Is the sensitive facial imaging data secure within the SketchCop system?

Yes. The software follows industry best practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of facial imaging data throughout the investigative process.

Q. What is the pricing model of the SketchCop system?

SketchCop offers a one-time payment model and multi-license options as per the needs of forensic artists, small, large, and private investigative firms, and forensic educational institutes.

Q. Are there additional costs for software updates, training, or customer support?

No. SketchCop operates on a straightforward pricing model. Updates, training resources, and customer support are typically included in the initial licensing fee.

If you have any other doubt, do contact our support team for more clarification about the software.

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