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IASR Group

Commenced in August 2016, xournals established by “International Association of Scientists and Researchers” (IASR) as an inclusive open-access source for high quality peer-reviewed journals currently publishing journals on a monthly basis in more than 45+ broad based fields covering all the disciplines of arts & humanities, agricultural sciences, biological sciences, engineering, medical sciences, physical and chemical sciences, social sciences etc.

International Association of Scientists and Researchers is a non-profit organization whose objective is to deliver the recent literature and research work happening around the world not just to the global scientific and research society but to everyone, from layman to industrial person, with a single forum where they can have open access to critically reviewed high quality research papers and other literature related to their own field as well as other fields.

Having access to not just the research papers but to recently published e-books, trending research thesis, dissertation work and manuals, one is able to explore the best possible advancements to its maximum. Organizations and institutions can purchase the required volume and issues or can also get an annual subscription to the online copy or printed hard copy of the monthly issues of the journals.