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Top 8 Specialized Open Source Cyber Forensic ToolsMay 23, 2021 - BY SIFS India

Top 8 Specialized Open Source Cyber Forensic Tools

Cyber forensic is the branch of forensic science also termed computer forensic or digital forensic which deals with the collection and analysis of digital evidence to prove and legally prosecute cyber-related crimes.

The main goal of cyber forensic is to analyze or examine digital evidence using the identification of evidence, preservation, extraction, examination, and preparation of the report.

Cyber Forensic Cases

  • Data retrieving or recovery from electronic devices like the mobile, hard disc, pen drive, memory card, etc.
  • E-mail tracing. 
  • To prove the authenticity of audio-video files (whether altered or not.).
  • To detect the morphing done with the photograph.
  • To identify the security dereliction or failure in the network.
  • To identify the malicious activity done through the network and protect the same.

Challenges During Investigation 

  • To determine whether the enforcement agencies' help is required or not. If required then their presence must be ensured during the process of investigation.
  • Ensuring the client’s confidentiality and privacy during the investigation is also a challenging task for an investigator if he is not from the field of cyber or another related area.
  • Obtaining written permission to conduct the investigation.

Cyber Forensics Analysis Tools

During the eighties, most of the digital investigations consisted of live analysis means examining digital media directly with the maltreatment non-specialist tools which in most of cases damages the evidence.

During the nineties, many software and alternative proprietary tools were created to permit an investigation.

Nowadays various sophisticated tools have been developed to deal with cyber forensic related cases which not only analyses but also investigates evidence along with maintenance of the dignity or authenticity of the evidence for the court proceedings.

The List of Some Important Forensic Analysis Tools

Name of the Tool


For the recognition of a similar image file
Imaging as well as analysis of digital file formats
Internet evidence finder
A targeted forensic tool that recovers internet-related communication and activity from hard drives and  RAM.
Safe back 
Digital media acquisition and backup
M3 Bit locker Recovery
A forensic tool to decrypt data from damaged, corrupted, failed, or crashed Bit locker encrypted  drive
Kali Linux 
Powerful bootable tool having security functionality
Wave pad
To Identify the alteration done with audio files.
Video pad
To Identify the alteration in video files.


This blog directs a shot view on how to deal with computer forensic case investigation and malware investigation in the various methods using sophisticated tools.

Digital investigation may be a difficult task because each incident differs from the other.

A forensic investigator should be competent enough in technical and legal activity to conduct the investigation.

Since the proof that is provided by a forensic investigator is often vital for the case, so the investigation report should be precise and thorough.

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