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Fingerprint Expert Services in Delhi NCR & IndiaFebruary 18, 2024 - BY SIFS India

Fingerprint Expert Services in Delhi NCR & India

Fingerprints are one of the most easily found pieces of evidence at a crime scene. You can encounter either visible or invisible prints. However, a skilled workforce is required to spot, collect, and preserve fingerprint evidence for analysis and examination in the forensic laboratory.

At SIFS India, we have a highly specialized and knowledgeable team of fingerprint experts with several years of experience in handling fingerprint evidence.

We have catered to the demands of several clients from all over India and have provided expert opinions under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act with the highest level of accuracy.

If you are looking for fingerprint expert services in Delhi, NCR, and India, then SIFS India should be your first choice. We offer complete solutions, from crime scene visits for fingerprint collection to comparison, and we have fingerprint experts all over India who specialize in the below-mentioned domains of forensic fingerprinting.

Fingerprint Services SIFS India Provides

  • Latent and patent fingerprint lifting, preservation, and development from crime scenes.
  • Matching fingerprints from the suspects with those found at the crime scene. 
  • Collecting and analyzing fingerprint samples in court for legal proceedings.
  • Crime scene documentation to assist law enforcement bodies, police and corporate officials, etc.
  • Forensic photography of fingerprint evidence found at the crime scenes and samples from the court.
  • Fingerprint development from the photographs.
  • Fingerprint analysis and comparison (both manually and using software).
  • Fingerprint recording for verification purposes and record maintenance, like for domestic help, security staff, vendors, visitors to the office or society, and their family members.
  • Thumb or fingerprint impression examination on documents like wills, deeds, payrolls, cheques, agreements, bank notes, etc.
  • Fingerprint examination for identifying individuals in mass disaster cases.
  • Rolled fingerprinting for police clearance certificates on the fingerprint card.
  • Fingerprint examination report preparation for legal purposes.
  • Give expert testimony in court for forensic reports as a fingerprint expert.
  • Cross-examination of fingerprint reports by other experts or forensic science labs.


SIFS forensic lab’s team of forensic specialists combines cutting-edge technology with in-depth analysis to perform accurate and reliable fingerprint identification and examination.

Our fingerprint expert services in Delhi, NCR, and India are customized to meet the varying needs of law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and private clients alike. 

You can trust our unmatched expertise as we work constantly to ensure justice and bring forth the truth in every fingerprint examination conducted across the nation.

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