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Welcome to SIFS India’s Cyber Forensics Laboratory, India, where cutting-edge technology and expert analysis combine to address the complexities of cybercrime.

We specialize in expert cyber forensics analysis and investigation of cyber incidents, digital crimes, and security breaches. Our team of skilled cyber experts implements advanced methodologies to collect, preserve, and examine digital evidence, providing essential insights into cyber threats and criminal activities.

Key Services Offered:

Digital Evidence Recovery: We specialize in the recovery and preservation of digital evidence from computers, mobile devices, and other electronic sources.

Malware Analysis & Prevention: Our experts meticulously analyze malicious software to understand its nature, origin, and impact and to develop effective cyber defence strategies.

Network Forensics: Our forensic experts specialize in examining network traffic and communication patterns to help decipher the origin of cyber attacks and protect digital infrastructure.

Incident Response and Cybersecurity Consultation: We also offer rapid incident response services and cybersecurity consultations to help organizations mitigate and prevent cyber threats effectively.

Advanced Technology Integration: Our laboratory is equipped with advanced digital forensic tools to effectively handle the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats and to provide competitive solutions to the digital challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Cyber Forensics Laboratory is committed to providing unmatched services in digital investigation and cyber security with precision and accuracy to safeguard digital assets.

Contact our experts to assist you in your quest to protect your digital assets or for an in-depth investigation of cyber fraud.

In our Cyber Forensics Laboratory, we follow a systematic approach and implement a robust methodology that includes both collecting and preserving digital evidence from crime scenes and its thorough examination.

We securely extract digital evidence from live systems, ensuring minimal disruption, using forensically sound techniques.

The process begins with the meticulous identification and preservation of electronic devices and data sources relevant to the case. Our forensic experts use cutting-edge tools to preserve the integrity of digital evidence for analysis.

Following this, a detailed examination is conducted, focusing on file structures, metadata, network activities, and any signs of malicious activities or digital intrusion.

Our experts throughout the process adhere to legal and ethical standards and maintain a chain of custody to ensure the admissibility of evidence in legal proceedings. The combination of the expertise of our skilled cyber experts, along with advanced tools, helps in resolving cybercrimes with ease.

Audio Verification: It involves a meticulous examination of audio recordings for potential tampering, additions, or deletions from the original file. If necessary, audio enhancement is applied. Recordings from mobile phones, sound recorders, microphones, etc. are examined by experts using scientific tools and techniques and provide an opinion on whether the recordings are genuine or tampered with, and the report also specifies the exact timings where tampering is detected.

Video Verification: It involves a thorough examination of video recordings for signs of tampering, additions, or deletions from the original file. Video enhancements are applied if required. Recordings from CCTV cameras, spy cameras, mobile phones, etc. are examined by experts using scientific tools and techniques to provide an opinion on the authenticity of the recordings, including the precise timings of any detected tampering.

Audio/Video Transcript: We specialize in transcribing audio and video files, capturing dialogue along with stutters, false starts, and sounds. Experts carefully listen to audio and video samples at various levels and transcribe exactly what they hear.

Speaker Identification/Voice Matching Analysis: It involves comparing questioned and specimen voice samples, identifying a person's voice, and comparing two unknown voice samples. Experts use voice analysis tools, spectrographic analysis, and other techniques to examine the questioned voice sample with the specimen voice sample, providing opinions based on the analysis performed.

Photograph Verification: It involves examining photographs for doctoring, tampering, or manipulation from the original. This service is crucial in cases such as extramarital affairs, document verification, fraud cases, and manipulation of ID cards. Experts use scientific methods and techniques to examine photographs, analyzing the pixel-to-pixel formation for authenticity.

Photograph Recognition/Face Matching: provided photograph samples are thoroughly analyzed and verified by our experts to prove whether they depict the same person or not. These services are crucial for cases involving property wills, fraud cases, and ID cards.

Mobile Forensic Investigation: It includes mobile data extraction, deleted data recovery, WhatsApp data extraction, and more. Experts extract data from electronic evidence like mobile phones, computers, optical media, hard disks, USB flash drives, digital cameras, etc., and provide a detailed report on any link between the crime and the accused.

Email Verification: It involves verifying the legitimacy of emails and detecting any modifications from the original. Experts analyze submitted emails using scientific parameters and provide an opinion on their authenticity.

If your specific request is not listed, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with excellent service.

Encase: Developed by Guidance Software, Encase is a computer forensics tool primarily used for retrieving evidence from seized hard drives. It enables in-depth analysis to gather evidence like search history, images, Windows registry, documents, and more. Additionally, it serves the purpose of forensic imaging.

Cellebrite UFED: The Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED), provided by the Israeli company Cellebrite, is a data extraction tool. It integrates with SIM cards and directly extracts data onto an SD card or flash drive. It can break codes, decrypt encrypted information, and acquire hidden and deleted data, maintaining the integrity of digital evidence.

Write Blocker: A Write Blocker is a tool that provides read-only access to data storage devices without compromising their integrity. It can be either hardware- or software-based, allowing for the extraction, analysis, and control of data from storage devices without altering or destroying the existing data. It prevents writing to the storage devices.

Data Recovery Tool: These tools are used to recover lost, corrupted, damaged, or deleted data from various devices, such as USB drives, HDDs, SSDs, CDs, DVDs, and other electronic systems. Popular data recovery tools include Recuva, Stellar Recovery, MiniTool Partition Recovery, and others.

Mobile Forensic Tools: These tools help in data acquisition from mobile devices and associated media through logical and physical extractions. The collected data includes calling records, contacts, images, audio, videos, WhatsApp chats, emails, etc. A few of the commonly used tools include MobiKin, MOBILedit, Oxygen Forensic, and others.

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