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Accident Reconstruction

A lot of intricacies are involved in the aftermath of vehicular accidents, and deciphering the sequence of events meticulously is crucial for accurate analysis. Accident reconstruction and crash analysis services bridge the gap between uncertainty and clarity, utilizing advanced methodologies to analyze and reconstruct accidents with precision.

SIFS India is your trusted partner to decipher the mysteries surrounding vehicular incidents. We use advanced methodologies to ensure that every detail is scrutinized, providing clarity for detailed scene investigations, event recreation, legal proceedings, insurance claims, and preventive measures.

Service Our Organization Provides:  

Vehicle Condition Identification: It covers the detailed assessment of the vehicle's condition post-accident to gain insights into the extent of damage and for the accident reconstruction process.

Scene Investigation Details: A meticulous examination of the accident scene is done to understand the events leading to the collision.

Impact Debris Type and Location Determination: The type and precise location of impact debris at the scene are determined to provide clues about the collision.

Depth of Impact Damage Examination: An in-depth analysis is done to understand the force and its effect on the vehicles and surrounding objects during a collision.

Contact Mark Analysis: A detailed examination of vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-object contact marks, including paint marks, is done to gain insights into the points of impact and the sequence of events during the accident.

Scene Measurement for Scale Drawing: A comprehensive examination of the accident scene is done for precise measurements for scale drawings for accurate and detailed accident reconstructions and for documentation purposes.

Behavior Interpretation of People and Vehicles: It involves understanding the behavior and actions of individuals and vehicles involved in the accident.

Glass Fracture Analysis: It covers examining and interpreting glass fractures to learn about the force and direction of impact.

Vehicle Light Bulb Inspection: The condition of the vehicle light bulbs is inspected to look for signs of malfunction or damage and to understand the accident's impact on vehicle components.

CCTV Evidence Analysis: CCTV video footage is analyzed to reconstruct the sequence of events leading to the accident accurately.

Quality of Repairs Examination: The quality of post-accident repairs is evaluated to ensure that the reconstructed accident scenario aligns with the actual conditions of the vehicles involved.

Speed Analysis: A detailed analysis of vehicle speed is done to determine the velocity and impact forces involved in the collision.

Wounds and Damages Interpretation: Analysis of wounds and damages sustained by individuals involved in the accident is done to learn about the severity and nature of injuries.

Seat Belt Usage Examination: It is done to understand the occupant’s safety measures and their impact on injuries during the accident.

Airbag Inspection: The condition and functioning of airbags are examined to gain insights into the protective measures employed during the collision.

Police Statements and Witness Interpretation: Statements from police officers and witnesses are interpreted to ensure an accurate reconstruction of the accident sequence.

Low and High-Speed Accident Investigation: Investigation of accidents at varying speeds is done to customize the reconstruction approach as per specific details associated with low or high-speed collisions.

Cause of Failure Determination: The cause of failure, whether mechanical or structural, is determined to understand the factors leading to the accident.

Tire Marks Analysis and Interpretation: A detailed analysis and interpretation of tire marks provides insights into vehicle movements during the accident.

Heavy Goods Vehicle Rollover Inspection: The rollover incidents involving heavy goods vehicles are inspected to gain insights into the unique factors associated with these accidents.

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