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Electrical Fire Investigation

Electrical fire investigation services include the examination of fire incidents to determine if electrical issues like electrical failures, faulty wiring, or electrical malfunctioning played a role in ignition.

These services cater to vehicle fire investigation, store fire investigation, appliance and equipment inspection, etc. and involve numerous analysis parameters like securing the crime scene, forensic photography, assessment, sample collection, and examination to unfold the complexities surrounding electrical fires.

You must opt for a reputable electrical fire investigator with expertise in electrical engineering, fire investigation, and the legal framework.

SIFS India offers a thorough examination of electrical-related fire incidents, which involves analyzing wiring and circuits to identify faults or improper installations, evaluating the condition of power cords, plugs, and internal components of equipment, and analyzing the overall functionality of electrical systems to identify factors that resulted in fire.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Establishment of Area of Origin and Cause: An in-depth analysis is done to determine the area of origin and cause of electrical fires for legal purposes.

Burning Behavior Analysis of Materials: We conduct a thorough analysis of materials' burning behavior to understand their contribution to fire development.

Forensic Examination of Electrical Components: An in-depth forensic examination of electrical components like wires and boards is done to identify faults and factors leading to electrical fire incidents.

Crime Scene Reconstruction Animation: We create animated crime scene reconstructions for electrical fires to visually represent the incident for legal investigations and insurance assessments.

Laboratory Examination of Goods Samples: A detailed laboratory examination of goods samples is carried out to identify materials and potential contributing factors in electrical fires.

Forensic Analysis of Burnt Debris: Burned debris is analyzed to understand fire patterns and identify material responsible for fire, thereby helping in determining the root causes in legal investigations.

Suspected Chemical Test: A specialized test of suspected chemicals related to electrical fires to identify and confirm substances is crucial for the accurate determination of root causes.

Testing of Engineering Components: Engineering components involved in electrical fires are thoroughly tested to identify faults and determine the root causes.

Ruling Out Other Possible Causes: A systematic approach is followed to rule out possible causes of fire in electrical incidents. This is done to help investigators narrow down their process, ensuring accurate determination of root causes.

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