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Fingerprint Development

Fingerprint development services involve applying specialized techniques like powder and chemical methods to reveal and enhance fingerprints left at crime scenes or on porous and non-porous surfaces. 

This meticulous process involves the application of techniques that make prints visible, enabling forensic experts to analyze and compare them for investigative purposes.

If you are looking for a fingerprint development service provider, look for professionals with expertise in fingerprint science who are committed to ensuring the confidentiality and accuracy of fingerprint analysis.

Whether in criminal investigations, forensic identification, or security applications, SIFS India’s fingerprint development services have played a crucial role in revealing the uniqueness hidden within the ridges of fingertips and the resolution of several crimes.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Fingerprint Lifting from Crime Scenes: Our experts retrieve, capture, and preserve fingerprints from crime scenes using advanced techniques for forensic analysis and investigative purposes.

Examination of Crime Scene Fingerprints: We conduct meticulous examination of fingerprints found at crime scenes, contributing to the identification and apprehension of suspects.

Development of Invisible or Partially Visible Fingerprints: Specialized techniques are used to reveal and develop invisible or partially visible fingerprints to enhance their accuracy for fingerprint identification in criminal cases.

Development of Fingerprints from Objects or Documents: We develop fingerprints from various objects or documents and do an in-depth examination, contributing to forensic investigations and assisting in the identification and apprehension of individuals involved in criminal activities.

Development of Fingerprints from Photographs: We use advanced methods to develop fingerprints from photographs to be used as forensic evidence in court.

Lifting Fingerprints and Footprints from Surfaces: We specialize in lifting fingerprints and footprints from surfaces like scratches, glasses, and other materials and preserving trace evidence for forensic analysis. This helps in crime scene reconstruction and investigative efforts for accurate identification.

Examination of Fingerprint: Fingerprint examination using manual and software-based techniques is done for detailed analysis, which assists in the identification and profiling of individuals involved in criminal activities.

Development of Fingerprints from Paper: Fingerprints are developed from paper surfaces to extract crucial information that can serve as evidence for forensic analysis and investigative purposes.

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