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Fingerprint Matching

Fingerprint matching services involve deciphering the individuality of the unknown and suspicious fingerprint.

It is performed for various cases, like fingerprints present on any will, bank documents, affidavit, etc., and a one-on-one comparison is performed manually and using advanced comparison software, both on visible or partially smudged fingerprints.

Fingerprints play a crucial role in identifying suspects and are the most commonly found source of evidence at crime scenes. So, you must select a professional with expertise in fingerprint analysis methods, both manual and using the latest technology.

SIFS India offers a systematic approach to conducting a fingerprint matching process to check whether the two prints are the same or not and present findings that are admissible in court.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Court Fingerprint Comparison: We specialize in comparing fingerprints collected from court records to verify the identity of the suspect and assist in courtroom proceedings.

Fingerprint Comparison from Documents: Fingerprints extracted from documents are thoroughly compared to authenticate identities and provide essential evidence for legal and investigative purposes.

Fingerprint Matching from Court Documents: We do matching of fingerprints from court documents, ensuring accurate identity validation of the crucial forensic evidence for legal proceedings and investigations.

Forensic Photography of Court Fingerprint: A precise documentation is done of fingerprints from court files using advanced forensic photography methods to create a visual record  for investigative and legal purposes. 

Recording of Fingerprints for Verification: Step-by-step process is filled to record fingerprints for identity verification and documentation purposes, ensuring authenticity during legal and investigative proceedings.

Thumb Impression/Fingerprint Examination on Legal Documents: Expert examination is performed of thumb impressions or fingerprints on legal documents like wills, agreements, and sale deeds to establish document genuinity.

Verification of Domestic Help Antecedents: We conduct a thorough background verification of domestic help to ensure the safety and security of households by examining fingerprints of the domestic help or their family members helping employers make informed decisions. 

Recording and Verification of Security Staff and Vendors: We provide recording and verification of fingerprints and background checks for security staff, vendors, and potential visitors to residential societies to ensure enhanced community safety.

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